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But then I realized that I don't have access to it! It appears in my thumbnail view, and I've used it before, but it doesn't appear on my dropdown list. I know my icons haven't expired or anything.


So, onto the Journey's End squee!

That is one of the top five TV kisses EVER!

I love that Martha and Donna (*sniffs*) were both such 10/Rose shippers! It was all so cute! I've watched the scene on Bad Wolf Bay over and over.

Oh, wonderful flist of mine, is there now to be more 10/Rose fic? I want it!



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Aug. 2nd, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
I actually think the Doctor was a bit of bastard throughout this, actually. He didn't tell Rose that Jack would live, for one thing. And there's no way that he and the human version are the same person. They have their differences. I mean, there was the reference to him being a bit Donna after the initial appearance of the human version. And now Rose and Jackie are left dealing with a guy who will no doubt have psychological problems from not having his TARDIS.

As for the whole Donna mind-wipe thing, I don't buy the explanation. I think Rose's mind was under a lot more pressure when she became the Bad Wolf at the end of season 1 and she didn't need a mind-wipe. And if Davros' electricity was responsible for waking up the DoctorDonna then couldn't another electric shock have reversed the process?

However, I did like the teamwork around the console and laughed how he wouldn't allow Jackie to help. I liked the reference to Gwyneth when he was talking to Gwen. And I think the rumours of the two new additions to Torchwood are probably true. I can tell, also, that it was written to appease the more family friendly audience because Jack/Ianto was pretty much ignored. Instead, he praised Gwen and took Martha's hand when they left.

I met a guy in the photo line at Shore Leave this year and we spent the entire time discussing all of this and what we'd like to see for the 4 specials next year. We'd like to see human Doctor try to manage without TARDIS and screwdriver and try to remember he can probably get himself killed on a permanent basis.

The 2010 series is very open to speculation right now. All I know is that Steven Moffatt has said it'll probably be more along the scary lines of The Empty Child and Blink. And who knows what's happening with Torchwood given the rumours and the interview I heard with John Barrowman. All I know for sure is that the first 5 episodes will be shown on consecutive nights in the UK.
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