Happy Birthday!

2008 was going to be the year I remembered all of my friends' birthdays. I have been so bad at that. This morning, I have a few minutes of free time, and it's a birthday!

Happy Birthday chiroho!

I really need to schedule myself LJ nights at least twice a week because trying to catch up in one day is not enough!


Meanwhile, back in RL...

Yarn-related story, so I knew oxbastetxo would like it:

Tuesday was my first day in a new D&D campaign. The people around the table consist of three adults and three teenagers. Hubby and I had spent about a week working on my character, giving her backstory and all of that good stuff. (She's a lot like Teyla. I even get to chant over the dead before they loot the bodies.) So, when we were building this character, I needed to give her some kind of craft ability. I guess it's how you make money in between adventuring. Usually this ties in to your occupation, but it seems that "Princess" doesn't come with a good set of easily marketable job skills.

This brings me to yarn.

I chose a kind of macramé. The teenage guys thought it was kinda weird, prompting a short debate on my ability to use knitting needles as a weapon. I started listing the things I could do with rope, such as make ladders and nets, when I remembered I had a crochet hook in my pocket. I handed it to the most loudly skeptical of the teenage boys, and he had a bit of a laugh over it, especially about how little it was.

And we went on with the adventure.

At the end, I got out my dice bag to put all of my pretty dice away, and the same boy asks me where I got my dice bag. I smirked and answered, "I made it, with my tiny little crochet hook."
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Happy Pi Day!

I just realized I haven't made myself known here lately. I'm watching Ark of Truth right now; so I'm not on messenger, but I just wanted to Geek out a moment.
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Pregnant Teyla icon!

I've been really wanting a Pregnant!Teyla icon, and I finally found some from azngal_icons!

Even though I pay the good money to have an account here, I am usually stingy with myself about uploading new icons. I still use mostly the same few over and over. I had like fifteen blank spaces for icons, but I am now the proud borrower of four new SGA iconses.

Spoilers for Atlantis 4.11

So, against my better judgment, we stayed up late to watch Atlantis as it aired instead of getting sleep. Well, it's my day off today, so I guess I could have slept in to make up for it. Anyway, about two commercial breaks from the end, Hubby starts coming up with dialog for McKay and Zelenka, and before I knew it, I was opening a new screen (because I had been transcribing my piece I only have a week left to finish) and a drabble was appearing on it.

Drabble: Designation
Spoilers: Through Atlantis 4.11 (I have no idea what the title means.)
Rating: E for Everyone ;)

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I'm not ignoring you.

In case some of you are wondering how come I'm posting and sending emails and beta reading and all of that stuff and not on my messengers, it's not because I don't want to talk to you. It's RL.

Primarily, it's because I'm making an effort to IM less when Hubby is at home. I can watch TV, read, crochet, and talk to him at the same time, but when I add in the IM, my focus is split too many ways, and he gets ignored.

Secondarily, it's the crochet. I'm planning to crochet at least six to eight medium-sized pieces before Christmas. Again, I can read, watch TV, and talk with my hands full of yarn, but IMing requires a lot of actual typing.

I do miss some of you, but there just isn't a good time right now. I'm trying to read and post more to make up for it. *huggles*
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More about Hamburger Helper

Okay, I should have figured that a little explanation about my last post would be required.

Basically it's a package of pasta and a seasoning packet that you cook with a pound of beef, chicken, or tuna for a quick meal.

So, I want to have the characters in England prepare a quick meal where they throw the items in a skillet, add the meat, and eat it. It's not gourmet, but it's cheaper than takeaway and pretty fast for like college students. Could also be microwaved.

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Checking in with questions and randomosity

Oh, wise and wonderful flist, I could probably try the whole google and wiki thing, but it's always so fun to interact with my friends instead.

Here are the questions:

1. What is the British equivalent of Hamburger Helper? Yeah, it's for a fic.

2. I've just been gifted with a sweater crocheted with thick thread (not yarn), but it needs to be washed before I can wear it. How do I do that?

3. How do you feel about that new voluntary filtering system? I've added a warning to one of my fics on my other blog. (I kind of accidentally went a smidge over PG-13. It really was unintentional, but ended up being vital to the plot, grr.) I don't like the way it looks. I wish I could add the warning to the cut instead of to the whole post. *sigh*

Here is the randomosity:

1. That snow stuff is scary and cold.

2. I've decided what kind of afghan to crochet for my mom and one sister, but not for the rest of my family, even though I've bought a bunch of yarn.

3. Today, my entire department posed for a picture with Santa at the end of our annual Tree Lighting thingy. It was an odd moment.

Not NaNo-ing

Hey y'all! Happy writing/stitching whatever you're doing this month.

I'm not NaMo-ing anything, but since November first, I have completed one and a half crochet projects, caught up on most of my beta reading, and written about a page per day.

Out of three NaNo attempts I only made it the year I was a full-time writer. I am happy so far with my more balanced approach.

Have fun!
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I exist

So, after I stopped bouncing around and squeeing loudly this afternoon, we went out, bought some books at Barnes and Noble and then spent the evening with some friends.

It occurred to me that I'm seriously behind on the flist, perhaps two full weeks. For the first time, it may be because I actually have enough friends in RL that I'm not dependent on LJ for socialization. But I miss you guys; so I'm going to set some time aside tomorrow afternoon (while Hubby watches the DVD of TNMT, probably) to read the flist.

I also might finally get around to posting the book review for a certain novel that came out three months ago.